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System Overview


Lady Lodge Systems Ltd software system is called TRACT.

TRACT was initially written for a Frozen Food distribution company called King Bros located in Peterborough Cambridgeshire. From its origins as a software suite written for one Frozen Food distributor, the system has grown to encompass a wide range of capabilities and functions; all sales being achieved by referral and personal recommendation and without any form of advertising or sales staff.

Because Lady Lodge Systems does not charge its clients for specific development work or upgrades, ideas flow freely and are rapidly integrated into the system enhancing the software to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Standard Features

TRACT provides all of the standard features one would expect from a modern software suite designed to run an entire business.

From a fast and powerful telesales system through sophisticated stock control and delivery scheduling to a comprehensive nominal ledger, TRACT provides its users with all of the support necessary to do their jobs more effectively and productively.

Experience has shown that Lady Lodge Systems clients have been able to significantly increase their business whilst simultaneously decreasing their overheads after installing TRACT.

Specialised Features

In addition to the 'normal' features of an integrated computer system TRACT provides a plethora of specialised functions explicitly written at the request of Lady Lodge Systems clients in response to their daily needs in the Foodservice Distribution industry.

Generalised software packages cannot begin to address such specialisation because they are aimed at a wide range of divergent businesses. TRACT being aimed purely at the Foodservice and Ice Cream distributor can and does address the specific requirements of its target market making it the leading package in the industry.


Lady Lodge Systems constructs its own computer systems using modular parts sourced from the industries leading manufacturers.

In utilising this approach, the company can provide its clients with a system specification finely tuned to their needs and provide an inexpensive upgrade path for future expansion.

In addition to the computer system and directly associated equipment, Lady Lodge Systems also supplies specialised hardware to fulfil certain specialised requirements such as In-Cab Van-sales systems and fully integrated EPOS systems.

System Support

Having tried the 'traditional' approach of using computer maintenance companies and found the level of service both expensive and less than satisfactory, Lady Lodge Systems now provides an inexpensive and simple solution to the potential problem of a system failure by making complete replacement standby computers available to it's clients.

This simple solution means that any 'down-time' is kept to the bare minimum and our clients (a number of whom are operating 24 hours a day) can continue to operate without the trauma of waiting for a hardware engineer to arrive or suitable parts to be supplied.

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